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About Pascalle

Graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University, Pascalle has been solving creative challenges from a very early age. They can spot a typo a mile away, an unclosed div in their sleep, and are exceedingly at home in the Adobe Creative Suite.

In addition to being an art director, designer, published illustrator, and costumer, Pascalle brings a multi-dimensional approach to any design challenge, offering unique perspectives and visual solutions. Experience directing photoshoots, leading creative teams, and teaching sewing classes are great examples of their leadership abilities and initiative. HTML/Bootstrap responsive protyping rounds out the skillset, with six years' experience creating pages from scratch, or via Wordpress.

What spare time is left is spent walking the Break Reminder Beast, practicing sword combat for SCA, and gardening.

Memetech business cards
Art direction, layout and ad design for VOICE Louisville, November 2020 - March 2022.
Please click through any cover for a full issue.

Promotional brochures and full website and shop for Golem Security Services, LLC (Click through for full site).

Unfinished Memetech promotional poster; initial sketch to vector.
Various work for O'sheas Louisville, including tshirts, posters, coasters, promotional items.

Promotional posters for Junior Achievement

Promotional flyers for the Jewish Community Center

Jewish Family & Career Services' Annual report

A multitude of colorful flyers during the time at Jewish Family & Career Services.
The Pancake Breakfast design was awarded an AJFCA KOVOD award for Excellence in Fundraising Publications.

During my time at Jewish Family & Career Services, the agency celebrated their 100th anniversary;
in collaboration with a rebranding, I designed promotional items for giveaway and fundraising.
Items included signage, food pantry aprons, cups, mobiles, window clings.

Jewish Family & Career Service rebranded for their 100th anniversary; I created the design standards for the new logo, as well as a standardized Marketing Request Form.

Hand-drawn vector typography for a screenprint run of shirts.

Clients wanted something rustic with an "antique elegance".

elSINore was an in-depth reimagining of Hamlet as a jRock/Visual Kei style band, complete with tour poster, cd, "merch". Shakespeare-flavored lyrics were even written!

Advertisements for Primo Oils

Logo vectorization from clients original artwork.

Won Roberts Memorial Award in IUS Student Art Show, Fall 07

Published in 2010, the cover as well as illustrations for each story were created with rapidograph ink.
Find the full book on Amazon.

In collaboration with Steve Squall and Krista Carbon, this bodypaint series explored the visual symbolism of color.
Transformed into lightboxes, this was on display at the Tim Faulkner Gallery.

Inspired by K.J. Bishop's novel, The Etched City, and the illustrations of Yoshitaka Amano, the peacock frock coat was constructed out of velvet with multilayered eye appliques and glass beading. Photos by Tyler Mattingly.

Created summer 2021 for the Speed Art Museum's Isabelle de Borchgrave runway event. The ready-to-wear look was inspired by the Elizabeth I gown, and involved creating custom fabric. Handbag was inspired by the spanish mantua gown. Additional feature in VOICE Louisville's June 2021 issue.

FFXII Balthier; this costume required inital forays into leatherworking and custom shoes.

Winter Soldier v1; this comics-centered edition features a stretch metallic arm.
Later editions revise the arm to be more structured and metallic.

Winter Soldier v2; this version was more film-oriented and required extensive prototyping to keep articulation while still remaining metallic.
The final arm is created out of seltzer bottles and adhesive mylar, with plates secured by bookbinding screws.
This project is very much under construction - test wears were successful but can be improved upon for better range of movement.

Made possible through the award of LVL1 Makerspace's Makership, this armor not only required learning stretch fabric and corsetry, but thermoplastic as well.

Costume creation and wardrobe for FEVA's Moulin Louge performance of El Tango de Roxanne.

Netflix Castlevania required some familiarity with FX makeup; learning bullwhip was just a bonus.
(Even a Belmont has to take a selfie once in a while!)

FFX Tidus & Brotherhood sword (blowtorched and epoxy-filled plexiglass)

Created for KMAC Couture 2022, 'Catch a Falling Star' was inspired by Diana Wynne Jones' novel, Howl's Moving Castle. The jacket was regency-era based, with extended sleeves. The entire piece was hand-painted in metallic acrylic.

Final Fantasy Yuna costume, worn in stage performance of Summoning dance.

In collaboration with Steve Squall, recreating Illumazark's Vayka Garra.

Summer 2021, created a ready-to-wear look inspired by the Elizabeth I piece from the Speed Art Museum's Isabelle de Borchgrave exhibit. Featured in the runway event, as well as VOICE Louisville's June 2021 issue. The peacock frock coat was created for the event as well, for personal wear.

Memetech business cards

Riku ensemble for Kingdom Hearts group project.

Versatile and highly creative designer with over seventeen years of experience in a wide array of media, from coding to costuming. Meticulous organization, attention to detail, and can-do work ethic brings polish to creative skills and vision.

Indiana University Southeast
Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Concentration in Graphic Design, Spring 2009

Adobe Creative Suite Cloud and previous versions: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Contribute
HTML/Bootstrap, CSS/SASS, jQuery, Wordpress
Visual Studio, Coda, Firebug, Balsamiq, Sharepoint, Pendo
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams
Ad Sales Genius
Proficient with both Mac and PC

P. Ballard Designs, Louisville, KY
Freelance Artist & Designer. June 2014—Present
Creating a wide variety of diverse design work in various mediums to better serve clients’ creative needs. Partnered with LVL1 Makerspace and Locust Grove for special projects such as thermoplastic armor and reenactor garb. Initiated and taught classes at LVL1. Directed and choreographed photoshoots, including a campaign for Deep Midnight Perfumes.

VOICE Louisville, Louisville, KY
Art Director. November 2020—March 2022
Bringing both creative vision and an organizational structure to a seven-decade running monthly publication, while working under intense pressure to meet deadlines. Managed team of designers and photographers to create print-ready layouts and ads. Collaborated with publisher and editor to ensure their vision is brought to life. Styled and directed photoshoots. Supervised incoming camera-ready ads and ad builds by utilizing Ad Sales Genius software. Created and managed flat plan, publication master files. Responsible for uploading to print on deadline and final sign-off on issue. Managed and maintained Google Drive archives. Occasional writing contributor.

Venminder, Elizabethtown, KY
Product Designer. October 2016—September 2020
Collaborated on multimillion-dollar bank management software projects for client upgrade, building responsive MVC system modules for dynamic HTML/Bootstrap responsive sales prototype, which doubled as a basis for software development. Led design meetings demoing progress to project team, then implemented feedback to direct product workflow and design. Utilized strong problem-solving skills and extensive knowledge of existing company prototype. Tested developed product software to ensure it maintained functionality and design, while working with developers both in-house and offshore 3 Pillar team to resolve bugs, guided by the Agile methodology.

1926 Marketing, Louisville, KY
Web Designer. August 2015—October 2015
Website creation and management in Wordpress. Daily work consisted largely of site alterations as per client’s revisions, site troubleshooting. Graphic design as needed. Collaborated with other designers and departments via Asana.

Memetech, Louisville, KY
Lead Designer. July 2013—July 2014
Created designs for screenprinting and digital output (signage, stickers, cut vinyl, print), as well as prepping client-created files. Directed interns & other designers; streamlined overall workflow, created policy documents and official pricing guidelines.

Jewish Family & Career Services, Louisville, KY
In-House Designer. May 08—June 2013
Created 100th anniversary Tribute Books, Annual Reports, informational brochures and flyers; managed agency website & social networking; wrote and maintained agency blog. Developed complete agency design standard.

KMAC Couture Featured Artist, April 2022
Featured in Isabelle de Borchgrave Runway Event, June 2021
Spirit Award, Locust Grove, June 2016
Awarded Makership, LVL1 Makerspace, Spring 2016
Costumer/Creative Consultant. FEVA, Spring 2016
Volunteer work at Locust Grove, Summer 2014—Summer 2015
AJFCA KOVOD Award, Excellence in Agency Website, 2010
AJFCA KOVOD Award, Excellence in Fundraising Publications, 2010
Illustrated Gerald Toner’s The Christmas Turkeys, Published 2010

The Visible Spectrum, Tim Faulkner Gallery, Winter 2011